Saturday, November 24, 2012


I am so lucky to live in a place with wide open spaces. when I stand in the bathroom and brush my teeth  in the morning, I can watch the sun rise, mirrored in the mirror. I can follow the sun walk on the sky throughout the day and watch it go down in the west from my kitchen window.

In my garden there is a deer with her kid and in the field, the leverets are playing. Swallows build nests in the attic (the mess are enormously) and they fly low, when it suppose to be raining.

Right now we are on the border between summer and autumn, the trees are starting to change colors, I have to go out with the camera and capture the moment, so I  can use these beautiful colors in a weaving.

Although it is not just the season now, I must tell of a great sunset sky I saw one day in March
It was a frosty day and when I looked to the east the sky was clear and blue, I let my gaze drift across the sky against west and the color went from clear blue to lighter and lighter blue until it was almost white before it switched to light gray, light-red/orange and finally the orange-red. It is these colors I want to capture and use in a piece of woven textile.

I started to weave  about 7 ​​- 8 years ago. Since then I have been seen the colors that surround us in a completely different way.

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