Thursday, December 20, 2012

Spot bronson and towels

I made some towels in spot bronson. The warp was 20/2 cotton and I used 20/1 unbleached linen and 16/1 light blue linen as weft.
I chose to do a close spot bronson.

the quality of these towels are superp, they are soft and very absorbent, the best towels I have ever woven, but they are not beautiful. The set are too loose, especially with the 20/1 unbleached linen.
It's better whit the 16/1 linen

Half a year ago, I wove a sample in double weave and I got some leftovers (ca 3½ m) and I chose a spot bronson again, but now I added some plain weave
The warp is 16/2 cotton and the weft is 16/1 linen.
It appears to be a nice pattern
I made 3 towels
I haven't tried them yet

A loop, of course


  1. They look very nice!! I want to weave a shawl with alpacawool for my daughters wedding, also in a bronson lace.