Saturday, January 12, 2013

Playing with crepe

I have a small amount of some Sekku yarn from Noro that I could imagine transforming into some woven textile and then sew something portable.

Which pattern should I choose?

I've never tried crepe, so it must be it.

I know the Sekku yarn is a weft yarn, however I want to try different yarn types / colors in  the warp, but I find it difficult to determine which and there are also more freedom to choose if I use Sekku'en as a warp.

So I did! The first break in the warp thread was already on the warping board!

There were 2 broken warp threads before I had woven 20 cm. But then the warp was steady  the following meter and then there was just 3 broken treads in the last 20 cm. So one can be learning it!

I wove 2 different crepe patterns, both 8 shafts and 8 treadles.

First tie up is from Mastering Weave Structures.
28/2 worsted

Drops Lace - Merino and silk

The second tie up I found in Varp och Inslag (Warp and Weft)

The sett is too close, so there is not as much movement after washing, as I could wish.

After washing the pattern from Mastering Weave Structures looks like this:

The samples from Varp och Inslag have more structure
I have decided to continue working with the brown worsted yarn.
Next move will be a new sample weave with worsted yarn as warp and with more loose sett.

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