Monday, August 10, 2015

A Messenger is done

My son asked  if I could make a messenger for him.
I have never made this kind of design before, so my hands are shaking a bit.
2015-08-08 15.55.27
I made a simpel sketch and here we go.
A combination af double-weave in cottolin and linen 16/2 and leather.
Few months ago, I was lucky, somebody gave me a 16 shaft computer-loom, I want to use it for this project in double-plain-weave.
I made a block pattern that will require 16 shaft.
I will use the border at left for the strap.
The warp was made in brown and unbleached cottolin and I wanted to use the same colors in linen 16/2. Well, I didn’t have the unbleached 16/2 linen, but I had some lintow 6, almost the same size as the 16/2 linen. It is not the same size, I can tell. The brown part of the warp got a bit flappy and caused trouble with the weft. Luckily, it’s the bright side I want to use. All the faults are on the backside.
I went to the leatherstore, it’s like being in a candystore, so many choises to make. I chose a dark/burnt orange, it was a small piece.
Lesson learned, remember to bring your pattern with you.
I had a pretty little helper.
2015-07-29 10.27.45
The piece of leather showed up to be too short for my design, so I had to make a redesign.
2015-08-08 11.08.36
I didn’t use the border for the strap, It was too much fabric, so I used leather instead. I used the border as the top of the linen.
2015-08-08 11.09.18
I made a pocket for pencils in some thin leather.
2015-08-08 11.09.05


  1. Hi. love this bag! I stumbled upon your blog while searching for a Lervad loom manual for a #9. I wondered if you had a copy? I am looking for pages 22-31.

  2. Thanks for your kind words. I'm sorry but I don't have the manual for a #9.