Friday, May 15, 2015

It was meant....

I had to realize that I have become something of a cloth-weaver. How is it then was. So when I need to try something new, it often end up with tea towels, they are so useful and I suppose you could never get enough. (Wish me an extra drawer in my kitchen)

I came across a pattern in the shadow weaving at Eva Stossel's Weaving Blog, which I thought looked very exciting. Think, think, what to weave with the pattern? Yes, the tea towels are always good. I dress the loom with cottolin as warp, 8 threads / cm and I wove with 16/2 linen. It looked so great in the loom, I was happy.

When I cut down, I stood with a rather stiff and rough piece of cloth, but by the way, it will probably be soft and manageable after a trip in the washing machine.

Hm, it was not much softer after washing, drying.

The bottom line is that it was not for tea towel. I took a trip to the city, and visited Skindhuset, spent a fortune and went home and pulled the sewing machine forward.