Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Headless error

All weavers are familiar with the thrill when you have completed all the settings for a new warp, the pins holding the top lamms has been removed and you sit down at the weaving bench, grabs the shuttle and push the first treadle down, put the weft in, beats along, next treadle, weft, beat together. All treadles must of course be tested before you can lift your arms above your head and shout YES, I did it again ....... or not.

A simple treading error, again and again, urrgh......

Sometimes you can be lucky to simply have treadled a single thread in the wrong shaft, then you can cut the heddless and bind a new heddless at the right shaft, around the thread.

the eye has the right size

I made 2 errors on the tablecloth I'm working on, both were treading on the wrong shaft.
I then tied 2 new heddles on the right shafts, one works perfectly, while the other, I haven't been entirely accurate enough to make the eye like the heddless sitting next to, so when the shaft is lowered, the tread is not lowered enough and the thread will not be caught by the shuttle.

this eye is to big

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